Stainless Steel Solar Panel mesh

Stainless Steel Solar Panel mesh

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Stainless Steel Solar Panel mesh
Keep birds and vermin out from under your solar panels

Popular Specification For Stainless Steel Solar Panel Mesh
Wire Diameter 0.7mm 0.8mm 0.9mm 1.0mm 1.1mm 1.2mm
Mesh Opening 1/2” mesh, 1″ X 1″ mesh, 1/2”X 1″mesh,
Width 0.2m/8inch, 0.25m/10inch, 0.3m/12inch
Length 15m/50ft, 20m/66ft, 25m/82ft, 30m/100ft
Material Stainless Steel 304/316
Remark: Specification can be customized according to customers’ request


Pest Control Solar Panel mesh is specifically designed for solar panel bird proofing to keep pest birds and vermin out from under solar panels.
Solar panel protection mesh forms a physical barrier that is far more effective than bird spikes and other bird repellents. Other bird deterrents are often ineffective and do not stop birds from roosting. They often bring diseases such as salmonella and interfere with electrical wiring on the underside of the panels.
Without bird control, mesh nesting materials often build up under solar panels as solar panels form an ideal nesting location for many bird species. Solar Panel Bird protection is a cost-effective means of protecting your investment.
Tengfei Solar Panel Mesh use special fasteners that do not affect your solar arrays panel warranty. We offer two types of solar panel clips – an aluminium clip and a UV stable nylon clips. Our Nylon clips are UV stabilized for Different Countries.

Advantages of Product:
1:Fast and easy to install, no gluing or drilling necessary.
2:It does not void warranties and can be removed for servicing.
3:Non-invasive installation method that neither pierces the solar panel nor the roof covering
4:It is better than using spikes or repellent gels,100% effective when properly installed
5: long-lasting, durable, non-corrosive
6:Reduce the cleaning and maintenance requirements for solar panels
7:It is specifically designed and intended for use in excluding all species of birds from roosting

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