Black PVC Coated Wire Cloth Solar panel bird mesh kit For Squirrel, Pigeons, Critters Proofing

Black PVC Coated Wire Cloth Solar panel bird mesh kit For Squirrel, Pigeons, Critters Proofing

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This system securely protects panels without damaging or voiding the panel warranty. The mesh is made of stainless steel welded into half inch squares and coated in thick protective PVC coating that is resistant to UV degradation and chemical corrosion. Bespoke panel clips are made from UV protected nylon or made from aluminum clips.

Solar Panel Mesh kits are suitable to fit around the perimeter of solar panels flush against the slope of roofs. The mesh grill acts as a physical barrier to prevent birds and other pests from entering under the panel. This system does not harm pests.

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● Tin snips / wire cutters
● Pliers
● Work gloves
● Height access (ladder, etc)
● It is recommended to use a safety harness when working at heights to avoid risk of injury.

Solar Panel Bird Mesh Kits offer a new cost effective, simple way of protecting your greatest asset for saving money and reducing power costs. Made from stainless steel and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh and using UV stable nylon fasteners or aluminum clips. Solar Panel Mesh kits are made to last.

Solar Panel Bird Mesh Kits stop birds and rodents and prevents leaves and other debris from getting under solar panels. Reduces damage caused by birds and rodents, reduces maintenance costs, ensures unrestricted airflow around panels.

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Solar Panel Mesh kits are warranted against defects in materials for 5 years. Warranty does not cover incorrect installation or mishandling of parts. Install our Pigeon Guard (Black PVC Coated Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh) with specialized non impacting fasteners. This ensures you’ll never have any Pigeons and or critters ever living under your solar panels!

Black PVC coated, 1/2″ wire mesh offers an effective long lasting exclusion screen where other products might fail. Comes in a 6″OR 8” x 100′ roll. Can be bent into custom shapes.


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