What’s the hottest part of your house?

If you guessed your roof, you’re correct. Have you ever touched asphalt shingles in the summer? Ouch, they’re hot. Like scalding water hot or hotter. On a hot summer day, it’s not unusual for temperatures on a black asphalt shingle roof to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Guess what the softening temperature on PVC is?

54-80 degrees Celsius! That’s 129-176 degrees Fahrenheit!

What does that mean for any gutter guard made of PVC?

It will expand, bend, and change shape — often permanently.

guuter guard

LeafFilter’s PVC frame has warped at the ends of each section from the sun and heat, creating a convex shaped gutter guard.

And that’s not good because the gutter guards will not withstand the constant temperature swings over an extended period of time. In the 3 years we installed LeafFilter — before individual dealerships were consolidated into a single nationwide franchise dealer — we encountered several instances where the gutter guards had aged poorly, deformed, and warped to the extent that the gutter guards were no longer usable.

In one instance, the gutter guards plastic frame began discoloring within 6 months of our initial installation. In another instance, the gutter guards warped so badly that the upward pressure caused the threaded sheet metal screws we used to secure the guards to the gutter lip to pop off! In another case, the guards — which were sitting on the roof waiting to be installed became so pliable that the actually drooped when we picked them up to install them.

Post time: May-10-2022